Tango a Chausey © Thierry Bouet

Tango in Chausey

The chef of the Arpege wanted to break with the traditional cutting of the lobster, he looked for a new way to slice and present it. He wanted to go on a bit of an adventure. He paid a visit to his friend and neighbour at the time who was Jacques Vilain, the curator of the Rodin museum and told him the story of these slices of lobster that he could imagine made into bronze…Jacques Vilain gave him the address of a foundry in Malakoff where the chef sunk his teeth into this new project.

After a first life size version, he decided to make a large version of 2,5 m instead of 30cm, this time at the Art foundry of le Plaine in Saint-Denis. The rest is history and can now been found exhibited in the Arrière-cuisine .