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Due to Covid-19 situation, restaurant Arpège is temporary closed.

Due to Covid-19 situation, restaurant Arpège is temporary closed. 

We thank you a lot for your patience, your trust, your love for Arpège. We look forward to receiving you again very soon !

The Restaurant

In 1986, Alain Passard opened his restaurant Arpege, previously run by his own master Alain Senderens under the name Archestrate. He named it so to pay tribute to music, his second passion and decorated the restaurant in an Art Deco style.

Alain Passard chose Lalique Cristal in pear tree waves to the rhythm of Bacchanalia for the walls of the restaurant. The smooth leather chairs seem to blend in with the movement. 

Salle Arpège ©S.Delpech


The Windows are glass waves made by Bernard Pictet that contrast with the transparency of a venetian glaze and seem to play with daylight.

One of the Chef’s collages called “ Green curry Aubergine” served as inspiration for a stain glass window that welcomes guests and reigns by its superb intense colors over this temple of Vegetable cuisine.

In 1996, he obtained a third Michelin star and last year in 2016 he celebrated the 30th anniversary of his restaurant!


The Chef

Chef Alain Passard et Arpège restaurant


The Chef started his career at the « Duc d’Enghien » at the Casino of Enghien. He obtained one Michelin star, then a second. It was at this address that he perfected his carpaccio of langoustines with caviar. And another one of his recipes that he still serves to this day: A Chaud-froid of egg with chives. He then received two stars at the Carlton in Brussels, Belgium.

1986-1996 STARS

Opening of Arpège restaurant. One star in 1987. The second in 1988. 19/20 in the Gault Millau Guide in 1990. A third star in 1996, only ten years after the opening of the restaurant.

1997-2000 MEATS

«I like the visual and acoustic feel of cooking on the flame. This type of cooking requires numerous hours of attention to cook pieces that the chefs and I observe, turn over, feel and listen to…The meat is cooked through yet keeps its tenderness.

2001-2016 VEGETABLES

Vegetables have been the centrepieces at the Arpège since 2001. In 2002, the first vegetable garden was put together in Fillé sur Sarthe. In 2008, the second vegetable garden was set up in Buis-sur-Damville. Then shortly after, Alain Passard patented the “Bouquet de roses” apple tart, a tart that honours both the flower and the fruit.


Half a century of history, 30 years of Arpege and 20 years of 3 stars this year !

The dishes that Alain Passard creates have a certain poetic mystery and an obvious enigma; they are always set to music, fugues, arias, sonatas, concertos, oratorios – They are symphonies around the products.

Alain Passard describes himself as « a sculptor of the flame »; He says he knows how to combine each product with the right flame: One that strokes, one that seizes…

The Chef says the first step with vegetables starts by looking at their colour “A mauve, a yellow, a marbly white, a celadon green, a pearly orange, these are colours that inspire me. I proceed by touches. The technical aspect comes after this.”

« The very act of just looking is like a “partner” in the kitchen, when your eye is caught by a fabric, by a grain, that is the defining point, when a dish starts to take form.

The gestures, the journey of the hand, the agility of the fingers, knowing how to erase it and get to the essence, this is what gives precision.
I like listening to my cooking, hearing the subtleness of the crackling.
Taste is a simple combination of 2 or 3 flavours, it is extremely linked to textures, it should be strong yet delicate.

Scent is like the first note of a dish, it gives the tempo, a pleasant scent tells a beautiful story.

Alain Passard creates much like a fashion designer, only serving his guests with produce from his gardens. He exposes himself to the hazards of nature, and insists on serving only natural, strong and pure products.
Each day, on each delivery, the gardens offer an array of originality, creations and variations. Assisted by craftsmen, farmers, fishermen that are carefully selected, Alain Passard never ceases to amaze us, often by disregarding the boundaries of a menu, he improvises…and catches you by surprise.

The Organic Gardens


Sandy soil and an apiary in the Sarthe region, clay soil in the Eure region: we care about preserving the environment.

Draught animal power, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, watering holes for batrachians, stone houses for the weasels, hedgehogs and reptiles, perches for raptors, hedges, embankments and trees for the birds ; all of this wildlife is welcome in our gardens, this way we avoid any treatment.

Arpège - la terre


Six gardeners work at the vegetable garden in Fillé-sur-Sarthe. Three people look after the vegetable garden in Bois Giroult. The latest one, the garden of Porteaux, located opposite the Mont Saint Michel bay, has it’s own orchard. For the wellbeing of the gardens as well as the earth, there are two donkeys, two foals, as well as cows, chickens, and a goat.


"I grow my own vegetables to be able to tell a story from the seed to the plate…and to be able to combine the chef’s touch with that of the gardener, two passionate professions! Through these gardens, I have trusted nature with my creativity; it is nature that dictates my actions. The most beautiful cookery book was written by nature itself!"

Our vegetables in your kitchen


Bring home a piece of Arpège…

Every morning, our gardeners harvest vegetables & fruits that are then served at the restaurant. And every morning, they pick a little more, and fill wooden baskets with the jewels of our soil, just for you…

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Confiez-nous vos coordonnées et commandez
chaque semaine un Panier de légumes des potagers de l'Arpège...!

Our 2 formulas :
1 basket at 40 €
1 basket at 60 €
These prices are given on an indicative basis, they depend on the season and composition

Our baskets are only composed of seasonal varieties.

Every Monday morning, you will received an email indicating the opening of the sale.

To order your basket, send an email at :
We will confirm your order by return mail.

Baskets can be delivered to your home, or can be taken at the restaurant directly.

Baskets are to be paid on the same day.

Alain Passard’s Team


In French, Arrière-cuisine refers to the small room located behind a kitchen. It is sometimes called a back office.

The Arrière-­Cuisine of the Arpège restaurant is where Alain Passard exposes his creations. Located just a few meters from his restaurant Arpège, it shows another side of the Chef’s personality in which his love of the beauty of actions expresses itself beyond fine dining.

L'arrière cuisine de Alain Passard - Arpège

75007 PARIS

Open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm

Alain Passard & Maison Fragile

Alain Passard and Maison Fragile, it is the meeting of two lovers of Nature and the precious raw material it offers them: the earth. Land that makes the vegetable gardens of Alain Passard a land that in the hands of the craftsmen of Limoges becomes fine porcelain.

Twelve original collages of the Chef have been chosen and silkscreened on twelve Limoges porcelain plates, available in a limited edition.

Prices : 

  • 6 dinner plates : 354 euros
  • Single dinner plate : 59 euros
  • 6 small plates : 192 euros
  • Single small plate :  32 euros 

Sold in the Arrière-Cuisine and on Maison Fragile’s online shop.

(crédit photo : Dimajstudio)

Tango a Chausey © Thierry Bouet

Tango in Chausey

The chef of the Arpege wanted to break with the traditional cutting of the lobster, he looked for a new way to slice and present it. He wanted to go on a bit of an adventure. He paid a visit to his friend and neighbour at the time who was Jacques Vilain, the curator of the Rodin museum and told him the story of these slices of lobster that he could imagine made into bronze…Jacques Vilain gave him the address of a foundry in Malakoff where the chef sunk his teeth into this new project.

After a first life size version, he decided to make a large version of 2,5 m instead of 30cm, this time at the Art foundry of le Plaine in Saint-Denis. The rest is history and can now been found exhibited in the Arrière-cuisine .







Just for you, we have printed the Chef’s original collages from the book « Collages & Recipes » in different sizes. Bring back one of 48 colorful pieces  of vegetable art for your kitchen, living room or as a gift !

Meet us at l’Arrière Cuisine all week long to browse our selection of :


  • per card : 2€
  • 5 cards : 8€
  • 10 cards : 15€

Picture :

  • 30 x 40cm : 60€
  • 50 x 70cm : 100€
Collages & Recettes

Collages & Recettes

« I like hands in the kitchen, their beauty, their agility, their grace, they obey to the eye, pose and define the plate, they make all the difference, I see them as if they are on a true journey! »
In this book, the Chef shows 48 vegetable plates of recipes that he cut up and illustrated himself. Alternative Editions 29 €.

En cuisine avec Alain Passard

In the kitchen with Alain Passard

For over two years, Christophe Blain followed Alain Passard from his kitchen to his vegetable gardens. From this relationship, this comic book came to light with a full portrait and sixteen recipes that are representative of the Chef’s cuisine.

Gallimard Jeunesse Editions, 17 €. Also available in English

Le Meilleur du Potager

Le Meilleur du Potager

Co-­signed by Alain Passard and Catherine Delvaux, the book is an album of over a hundred photos of vegetables straight from the chef’s gardens. Each of the 65 vegetables gets a special mention by the Chef. Larousse Editions 29,90 €

Les recettes des Drôles de Petites Bêtes

Les Recettes des Drôles de Petites Bêtes

In 2005, Alain Passard brought out his first cookery book as part of the collection of the funny little creatures of famous writer and illustrator Antoon Krings, who did the illustrations. Published by Gallimard, available for 13,70 €.


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