Kitchen gardens

The seasons reveal their infinite finesse and subtlety;
nature writes sublime poetry indeed.

Sylvain Picard, who has been working with us for over twenty years, heads our team of nine zealous gardeners. Their work is guided by the hand of Nature, and they endeavour to disturb her as little as possible. Every day, our two Arpège 100% organic kitchen gardens are tended with fervour, providing us with seasonal treasures all year long!

Bois Giroult

The Bois Giroult estate lies half-way between Dreux and Evreux on the western plateaus of Normandy. Over four hectares of land are farmed around the 18th century estate.


The clay soil retains water, making it less vulnerable to drought than other types of soil. Its water-retention capacity ensures constant moisture, as well as a mineral-rich soil.

These characteristics make our little patch of Normandy a living terroir all year round, ideal for our 100% natural approach to growing.


Here, some vegetables flourish better than others. Onions, beetroot, turnips, etc., all love clay.

We have broad beans in spring, and melons in summer.

Les paniers d'Alain

Every week, enjoy the vegetables (and fruits!) of Chef Alain Passard’s gardens ordering a basket from Les Paniers d’Alain.

Gros Chesnay

Situated to the south of Le Mans and obscured behind towering hedges, you will find the centuries-old Château du Gros Chesnay.

Its most beautiful features are its promenades and greenhouses, which cover over three hectares.


Here, the soil is sandy. Light and permeable, it does not retain water well, making it vulnerable to drought, and requiring regular watering. As sandy soil is naturally low in minerals, we enrich it as much as possible with our home-made compost.

Vegetable peelings, cuttings, and all the natural waste we produce is sorted and then sent back to the kitchen gardens following the day’s deliveries. The Gros Chesnay terroir has been thriving for almost twenty years thanks to this sustainable cycle.


Sandy soil is easy to work with and can effortlessly grow an abundance of varieties. Among the happiest are asparagus, strawberries, and peas, which also herald the arrival of spring. Summer gives us tomatoes and winter carrots.